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Meeting of the leaders of Russia, India and China was held in the framework of the G20

In the framework of the G20 summit, held in Osaka, Japan, a meeting was held between Russian President Vladimir Putin, Prime Minister of the Republic of India Narendra Modi and Chairman of the Peoples Republic of China Xi Jinping.
The Indian leader noted: "Mutual exchange of opinions on the status of the global economy, politics and security between us as key world economies has special significance. This trilateral meeting between us today is a very useful tool for discussing and coordinating our positions on a number of international matters."
After the word took Xi Jinping. He separately thanked the Indian side for organizing and preparing the meeting. The Chinese leader remarked that countries have huge developing markets, and there is a general commitment to solidarity and cooperation.
The final word was taken by Russian President Vladimir Putin. He noted the undoubted benefit of the union of the three countries both for the participants themselves and for solving international problems.
"It is important that Russias, Indias and Chinas positions are close or coincide on most issues of the world economic and political agenda. Our countries stand for the preservation of the system of international relations with the UN Charter and international law at its core. We assert such fundamental principles of international ties as respect for sovereignty and non-interference in countries internal affairs.

Russia, India and China are jointly working for stronger global stability, combatting the terrorist threat, extremism, drug trafficking and cybercrime, and thus are laying the foundation for equal and indivisible security architecture in Eurasia."
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