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Russia will supply India with space equipment

21 Aug 2019 Russia India Space
India requested space equipment from Russia in preparation for sending its national mission into orbit, said Sergey Pozdnyakov, general director and chief designer of the Zvezda Research and Production Enterprise.
"India is developing its own spacesuits and life support systems for a manned ship, on the other hand they have scheduled a launch in 2022, there is not much time left. In this regard, we received a request from Roscosmos structures to supply appropriate equipment to India," said Pozdnyakov. RPE Zvezda develops life support equipment for astronauts, wearable emergency supplies, rescue equipment and capsules for astronauts.
The flight of Indian cosmonauts is planned for December 2021, to the 75th anniversary of independence of the republic. The only Indian cosmonaut visited orbit on the Soviet Soyuz T-11 spacecraft in April 1984. They became the military pilot Rakesh Sharma.
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